Passion for engineering


Are you looking for a reliable partner who develops solutions for your technical problems?


Impulsion engineering services is ready to take this challenge!

The company was founded in Bremen in 2011 and combines many years of engineering expertise with the power (impulsion) to push on developments targeted.

Founder of the company, Cédric Bultiau, diploma engineer in product development of mechatronic systems, can look back on a career of engineering services in different domains. The focus is from the beginning the extraction of valuable experience in different industries combined with a targeted working manner by solving complex relations.

Today it's more important than ever to operate on time and make a service as flexible as possible. In this case a trustful partnership and a look in the same direction are the foundations for a sustainable and professional collaboration at all levels.

Impulsion engineering services provides expert and comprehensive engineering services and technology consultancy specialized in the areas of automotive and aviation industries.


impulsion engineering services
Gartenallee 41
28359 Bremen - Germany

+49 176 240 55 730 cedric.bultiau@impulsion-engineering.com


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